NAMICS Technologies, Inc.

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NAMICS is a global technology leader for electronic packaging materials with over 70 years of experience and expertise offering a diverse line of innovative stretchable materials for interconnects, heating and bonding on flexible substrates.  This product line includes silver-based and carbon-based conductive stretchable materials for low voltage circuitry and heater applications, insulating material designed to protect conductive circuits and stretchable conductive adhesive for attaching components to flexible substrates. These materials offer stable performance over repeated elongation with outstanding durable. 

The result is a proven set of novel materials providing designers and engineers the freedom to develop the next generation of smart fabrics, advanced flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) or in-mold electronics with unmatched flexibility and reliability. All materials are designed to be ready for high volume manufacturing using standard equipment making implementation easy and economical. 

We build more than products; we build relationships, and NAMICS sets the gold standard for customer service by offering customizing products and world class customer support to provide a solution for your personal application.  Let’s work together to discover how NAMICS can contribute to your goals.