Pickering Laboratories, Inc.

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Pickering Laboratories, Inc. manufactures product testing solutions used for both the initial product development as well as ongoing quality and materials testing.  Our customers include creators of smart fabrics and other members of the textile industry, as well as a wide range of electronics manufacturers and consumer product testing facilities around the world.

Our line of artificial body fluids proudly includes our proprietary human mimics, such as eccrine and apocrine perspiration.  These complex solutions are the perfect choice for evaluating how fabrics or electronics perform under actual wear conditions. 

Pickering Laboratories also manufactures body fluids made to official product testing specifications from AATCC, ISO, DIN, BS, EN and other worldwide standards organizations.  Often used to challenge products for specific features such as corrosion resistance or colorfastness, these formulations are used for product development, quality testing and research applications. 

Our analytical chemistry expertise and quality manufacturing ensure outstanding batch reproducibility and precise formulations.  Custom formulations are also routinely produced with the same guarantee of precision and reproducibility.  Please inquire with your request.

For more information, please visit www.pickeringtestsolutions.com