Lucrative ‘iWatch’ screen contract goes to LG

Apple has selected LG Display to provide high-resolution plastic OLED screens for the face of its iWatch according to reports linked back to JP Morgan on 15 February.

LG is already using its P-OLED display on its own G Watch Urbane – Source: LGThis has subsequently been confirmed by OTI Lumionics CEO Michael Helander in an article on

Analysts are predicting brisk trade for the smartwatch once it goes on sale. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed the first shipments will begin in April 2015. A launch event will happen on 24 April.

JP Morgan estimates that by exploiting its customer base, Apple could sell 29 million smartwatches worldwide before the close of 2015, and a further 61 million the year after. Predicating a cost of $45 (€41) per OLED screen, this would net the Korean producer 1.4 trillion won (€1.1 billion) in 2015 and 2.6 trillion won in 2016.

The entry-level price of the iWatch is expected to be $349, though a series of more luxury limited edition devices – costing up to $5,000 – will fill out the range.