WEAR 2018 Sessions and Themes

"WEAR is the perfect platform for people from textiles and technology background to mingle and learn about each other." -Cotton Inc.

"The Thread That Ties Us Together"

WEAR 2018 Conference Key Themes and Sessions 

As the longest-running smart fabrics conference- uniting the entire supply chain for cutting-edge commercial and technical presentations on wearables, smart textiles and material innovation, WEAR 2018 will focus the 2018 3day program around the following sessions: 

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: This session will take a look at the companies that have come and gone into the space. What can we learn from their successes and their failures?

The Gap that Exists: This session will cover the gaps on standardization, technology and economy between fabrics and tech and how the two industries can find a common language. As the only conference that brings the Smart Fabric industry and Wearable Tech industry together in one room, what are we learning from each other and how are we using this knowledge to grow the industry? 

Sustainability Tying Fabric and Tech Together: What are some sustainable initiatives, case studies and models that we can learn from and take home to become a more sustainable industry?

Medical:  How smart fabrics and wearable devices being used to save lives, and keep people healthy, every day

Military:  Smart Fabrics and wearable devices being used on the front lines

Workwear & Occupational Safety:   How are we helping to keep first responders safe and continue improve the response time

Athletics:   As one of the biggest uses for smart fabrics and wearable tech, how are we continually working to improve performance and design

Plus, track sessions focusing on:  

  • Automotive and Architecture Interiors: Forget clothes, how are other industries using fabric sensors to create smarter and safer experiences for consumers
  •  Power, Energy & Sensors: With all of the new innovative tech becoming more powerful and smaller, how are we providing energy and sensors, for these devices  
  • Consumer Fashion: From high fashion to everyday, what do the consumer’s want when it comes to blending smart fabrics and fashion trends 
  •  Design: Tech can be worn in many different ways, but how are we working to design tech that can actually be a part of a the wearable experience