What sets the WEAR Conference apart from other industry events?

  • You'll focus on commercialization.  What does the consumer of the future want? How can you develop and fund your projects?  What relationships do you need to get you there?
  • You’ll bridge disciplines.  The WEAR Conference brings together the world’s largest technology companies, the most innovative startups, major clothing brands and design firms - all in one room.  
  • You’ll build relationships.  With more than 400+ apparel product developers, fashion executives, component makers, senior management, electrical engineers, investors, designers, medical device developers, project managers, textile manufacturers, lighting professionals, and R&D executives in the room, you are guaranteed to connect with someone critical to your future success.

Excellent networking from component supplier to consultant to brands & retailers.

Kim Scheffler Adidas

Powerful speakers, expert knowledge, topical information, smart audience made up of thought leaders, great networking opportunities.

Jen Ohlson Interactive Health Technologies