Day 1 | Monday, June 12, 2017

WEAR 2017 Tours and Workshops

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WEAR Tours

WEAR 2017 | Morning Tours

  1. The Autodesk Gallery at One Market

    The Autodesk Gallery at One Market

    Your Autodesk Ambassador will greet you at the Autodesk Gallery at One Market (2nd floor) in San Francisco for your tour. Tours begin and end on schedule so please arrive on time. Get ready for an inspiring glimpse into the future of making things!

WEAR Workshops

WEAR 2017 | Afternoon Workshops

  1. How to Start a Startup

    Sim Gulati, Co-Founder, Dropel Fabrics and Candice C. Decaire, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

    This workshop will focus on strategies for building a commercially useful IP portfolio, using case studies and real-life examples to discuss issues ranging from foundational due diligence to specific means for protecting IP and proprietary data.

  2. Fashion is Your Business

    Pavan Bahl, Fashion is your Business

    Sit in on a Ted Talk style recording for one of the largest fashion podcasts, in the US. 

  3. Crowdfunding Bootcamp

    Ilan Cohen | Sr. Manager of Hardware Outreach of Indiegogo

    Running a successful crowdfunding campaign is more than just making a video and throwing it up on a page. Learn what to do before, during, and after to ensure the highest likelihood of success. We'll explore how the top campaigns prepared for their launch and learn why crowdfunding is now the default strategy to launch hardware products. 

  4. From an internet of Things to an Internet of Us: When Technology gets Under the Skin

    Dr. Patrick Kramer | Founder of Digiwell - upgrading people

    Live Biohacking NFC Implant on stage to a volunteer 

WEAR 2017 | Opening Reception

  1. Evening Drinks Reception