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The 2022 event is over, but on-demand* 2022 content is available until August 1, 2022! Featuring presentations from Meta, The Phoenix Suns, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Motusi, Health Tech Insider, Asensei, Sensoria Health, & many more!

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Available for purchase until August 1, 2022!

Meet the expert presenters who are bringing innovative and industry-leading content to the WEAR program.

Kristy Jost, Ph.D - Meta Reality Labs

Kristy Jost, Ph.D

Manager, Research Science at Meta Reality Labs
George Sun - Nextiles

George Sun

CEO and Founder at Nextiles
Evelina Barhudarian - Microsoft Research

Evelina Barhudarian

Principal Technical Manager at Microsoft Research
Dean Stoyer - Phoenix Suns

Dean Stoyer

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Phoenix Suns
Jerrah Edwards - Western Regional United States Patent and Trademark Office

Jerrah Edwards

Acting Assistant Regional Director at Western Regional United States Patent and Trademark Office
Seth Casden - CELLIANT

Seth Casden

CEO & Co-Founder at CELLIANT
Marc Alexander - Motusi

Marc Alexander

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Motusi
Scott Hanson - Ambiq

Scott Hanson

Chief Technology Officer & Founder at Ambiq
Mili Tharakan - Smart Textiles Alliance

Mili Tharakan

Consultant at Smart Textiles Alliance
Dr. Martha Hall - University of Delaware

Dr. Martha Hall

Director of Innovation of Health Sciences at University of Delaware
Davide Vigano - Sensoria Health Inc.

Davide Vigano

Co-Founder and CEO at Sensoria Health Inc.
Mike Hopkins, Ph.D - Liquid Wire

Mike Hopkins, Ph.D

VP of R&D at Liquid Wire
Rob Diebold - NuCurrent, Inc.

Rob Diebold

VP, Global Sales at NuCurrent, Inc.
Jeanette Numbers - Loft LLC

Jeanette Numbers

Marketing & Principal, Co-founder at Loft LLC
Carlos Morales - Ambiq

Carlos Morales

VP of Artificial Intelligence at Ambiq
Steven Webster - Asensei

Steven Webster

CEO at Asensei
Teddy Seyed, Ph.D. - Microsoft Research | Lead of The Future of Wearables Team

Teddy Seyed, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research | Lead of The Future of Wearables Team
Jamie Orlando - Butler Technologies

Jamie Orlando

Director of Marketing & Sales at Butler Technologies
Michelle Farrington - Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA)

Michelle Farrington

Vice President of Strategic Growth at Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA)
Stacy Salvi - Movano smart ring

Stacy Salvi

VP Strategy at Movano smart ring
Alfred Poor - Health Tech Insider

Alfred Poor

Editor at Health Tech Insider
Kohei Tamagawa - Phoenix Suns

Kohei Tamagawa

Lead Performance Scientist at Phoenix Suns
Steve Statler - Wiliot

Steve Statler

SVP Marketing & Business Development at Wiliot
Pankaj Kedia - Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Pankaj Kedia

Sr. Director & Global Head Wearables and Smart Audio Portfolio at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Ben Mead - Hohenstein Institute America

Ben Mead

Managing Director at Hohenstein Institute America
Diana Wyman - AATCC

Diana Wyman

Executive VP at AATCC