Navigating the IP Minefield

What are the key areas of concern for wearable technologies from the IP perspective and strategies for bringing product to market?

Michelle Mancino Marsh, Partner and Head of the Fashion Practice Group, Kenyon & Kenyon LLP will be speaking on Navigating the IP Minefield in Wearable Tech in our session on ‘Production, Infrastructure, Supply Chain, Patents and Creating a Branding Identity for a Wearable/Smart Fabrics Product.’

Incorporating wearable technologies into your or your customer’s product line can be an Intellectual Property minefield! Marsh will help you identify key areas of concern from the IP perspective and strategies for bringing product to market. If you are an innovator in the area, this session will provide insights to better protection and avoiding costly missteps. You can't afford to miss!

Marsh gave us a preview of her presentation in a recent interview:

New wearable products are coming into the market daily- what is the percentage of companies that fail to have protected IP?

It is very hard to put a percentage on it but certainly many companies are entering the wearable tech market without any or adequate IP protection. However, what is more concerning are the companies entering the market without a full appreciation of the risks posed by third parties' IP rights. 

What would be the first step in legal and protection term you would recommend taking when designing a technology or a product?

I recommend getting legal counsel involved as early on in the process as possible. We are not meant to disrupt the inventive process but to provide assistance to identify inventions and risks.

In your opinion, should regulations change to keep up with the pace of innovation in this industry?

This is a tough question to answer. I am not sure regulation is the right word here but perhaps industry standard licenses would be helpful to ease entry into the market.

What are you looking forward to hearing at Smart Fabrics and Wearable Technology 2015?

I am very interested to hear Professor Martin's presentation on where the future of wearable tech!

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