Creative Materials introduces stretchable conductive inks and adhesive for smart garments

Three products optimised for the unique challenges of wearable designers have been added to the product catalogue of US company Creative Materials.

Creative Materials hopes its three new products will find a niche in the evolving wearable technology segment – Source: Creative MaterialsThe two silicon-based conductive inks and an adhesive are being targeted at developers in wearable healthcare, fitness monitoring and security markets. All are designed for use in screen printing techniques. They are as follows:

  • 125-19FS is a conductive ink that can adhere to a wider range of synthetic and natural fibres. Its capacity to be stretched and maintain ‘acceptable conductivity’ far exceeds that of standard conductive inks according to its Massachusetts-based supplier. It operates in a temperature range of minus 70°C–325°C.
  • This is complimented by a second ink, 120-07. This has been fine-tuned to offer the crease resistance and repeated washability necessary on smart garments.
  • 124-33 is an adhesive that combines washability and crease resistance with strong adhesion to fabric fibres. As such is it suitable for sticking electronic circuitry onto such material. Creative Materials will also offer 124-33 as an adhesive film customised to end-user specifications.