Toshiba expands chipset for wearable biomonitoring

Toshiba is releasing two new integrated circuits designed for use in wearable devices.

The TZ1011 is optimised for relaying biomonitoring data via a BLE connection – Source: ToshibaBoth are designed to complement the Japanese manufacturers TZ1000 chip set which launched in November 2014 to target this application.

The new ICs are the TZ1011MBG, which has a gyroscope and magnetometer fitted; and the TZ1031MBG which carries just the gyroscope.

They have been commissioned because Toshiba has detected an ‘explosion of interest in services that monitor the duration and level of physical activity to promote exercise, improve nutrition and help prevent diseases related to lifestyle [on wearable platforms].’

The new chips received their industry debut on 24 February at the Embedded World 2015 event in Berlin. Samples are already being made available to customers.

Toshiba is now reconfiguring production lines. Mass production of the TZ1031MBG will begin in May 2015. For the TZ1011MBG this date will be in June 2015.

In addition to monitoring functions the new ICs have an ARM Cortex-M4F processor, integrated BlueTooth Low Energy capability and 8-bit flash memory. To optimise their suitability Toshiba has minimised their form factor and power consumption.