An Interview with Dr Henry Chang

Ahead of the WEAR 2016 session on The Rocky Path to Insightful Wearables for Consumers and Employees, we met with Dr. Henry Chang, STSM, Connected Health, Center of Computational Health at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, for a peek at his presentation, Reflecting, Coaching and Mentoring: on Serving up Behavioral Insights of Wearables in Multiple Modalities.

WEAR: In your opinion, what are major shifts that need to happen in order for wearables to provide meaningful user data to both consumers and employers?

Dr. Chang: People need to feel being understood to engage more, progress is lacking in the uncharted areas of the behavior feedback loop to induce physiological and psychological and placebo effects. Also, consumer wearable sensor analytics must become context sensitive to interpret the signals better, this may spur sub-specialty highly accurate devices in different demographics, diseases, and professions.

WEAR: How can we move from the quantified self to the quantify us for behavior change as a society?

Environment sensors, social media and gamification may be the key; to start, the engagement population being a self selected group would need additional tangible incentives from employers/community to innovate on new approaches. Potential points of pilots may include schools, running/hiking groups, incidental gatherings such as Marathon or eating clubs.

WEAR: As more consumers and businesses adopt wearable devices where do you see potential for different form factors and going beyond the fitness trackers?

Companies may be interested to increase productivity focus with wearables such as Workplace safety monitoring,  ergonomic posture monitoring,  work stress/fatique monitoring, and coaching. Consumers may want to see much better integration of "data" from multiple sensors to help their personal life, such as "health", "emotional balance", "new lifestyle change", "fall prevention" or "cognitive memory." Consumers also need a virtual cognitive coach.

WEAR: What would be your number 1 wish for getting real insights on human behavior from wearable devices?

I would like to know their emotional state and the linkage to health.

WEAR: What are you looking forward to hear at WEAR next month in Boston?

An emerging world of invisible sensors and intelligent analytics that show meaningful use cases.

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