Are implantable's the future of wearable tech?

Since 2014, Dr. Patrick Kramer has been "bodyhacking" people, experimenting with implants inside the human body. Step-by-step, Patrick is trying to increase the amount of technology inside our bodies, thus increasingly change humans and our everyday skills radically. 

But what makes smart implants the next big thing on the horizon of wearable technology?

“Implants represent a new/next generation of wearable technology and  are a fascinating new category of technology that will change humanity in the long run disruptively. The thing about digital implants is that they make it possible to store information and data permanently in our own body and to interact with the environment in a direct way. Technologically and socially. In 5, 10 even 25 years from now we will have various microchip implants making our lives more secure, and connecting us directly with the internet.”


At WEAR 2017, we want to give you the opportunity to be part of exploring this fascinating technology during the workshop from Dr. Patrick Kramer, From an internet of Things to an Internet of Us: When Technology gets Under the Skin. 

Join us for this one hour workshop and get better knowledge on the real digitalization of humans, where this is heading, and get an implant-upgrade for yourself. In other words, become the future!